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FIT30 program

FIT30 is a project that lasts 30 days and is an opportunity through tips and a detailed plan for diet and physical activity in a simple and fun way to achieve the desired result and appearance.

In FIT30 for a price of 1500 denars YOU GET:

1. Support and motivation from the entire team of licensed trainers and nutritionists

2. Regular measurement of body composition (muscle mass, body fat, body mass index, metabolic years, visceral fat, hip and waist circumference)

3. 3 times a week fit smart exercise (2 times zumba + once fit aerobics)

4. Fitness passport

5. Better health and excellent psychophysical condition during a pandemic (In a healthy body, healthy spirit)

Here you will get inspiration and motivation to finally apply what is known and what will be learned:

1. How to exercise properly

2. How to get the best result in the right and healthy way

3. How to maintain the desired result

We practice according to protocol and you can see it at


Contact: 070 214 561, 071470 441

Always committed to the health and success of our members!

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