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Enrollment, protocol and terms

Dear parents, students and practitioners

*** Our dance and fitness studio started with registrations for the new season 2021 ***

Places are limited, classes start on 01/02/21 and enrollment lasts until the groups are filled, so hurry up.

Dancers United offers the following programs:

*** For children :

- Latin American dances for bees (5 - 7 years), children (8 - 11 years), juniors (12 - 15 years) and youth (16 - 19 years)

- Ballet for bees (4 - 6 years) and children (7 - 9 years)

- Hip Hop for bees (4 - 7 years), children (from 8 - 11 years) and juniors (12 - 16 years)

*** For adults :

- Zumba Fitness

- Fit - Aerobics

- STRONG Nation (HIIT) *

- Wedding dance program and wedding choreography

*** For children and adults :

- Individual classes

In this new and unknown time for all of us we want to adjust as best we can and use all the conditions and means offered to us in order for our members to get the best. To this end, we, respecting the protocols of the CPH and our government, have prepared a plan and protocol for safe exercise in the gym. with all the conditions for our trainers to feel comfortable in their homes, and just like being in a gym, in real time during the gym class!

* You can choose individual or group teaching.

* Groups for adults and children

* Groups adjusted by age

* Professional team of licensed instructors!

* Opportunity to train with National Champions, European and World Finalists

* Opportunity to be part of the most trophy club in our country

* Dancers United has a space of 550m2 intended and equipped specifically for dance and fitness with measures taken for protection and safety from covid-19

* 3 halls equipped with dance floor, mirrors and ventilation.

* 3 toilets, 2 showers and 2 changing rooms (for children and adults).

* Large outdoor waiting room and free WiFi, where parents can wait for their children.

* The studio is provided by a licensed security firm.

* The studio has an employee for regular hygiene.

* In front of the studio there is a large free parking.

Dancers United Protocol for Indoor Exercise:

* For each member is provided and marked space of 6m2 for exercise with directions of movement in the gym to avoid physical contact with other exercisers.

* Classes in each hall start at a different time so that children do not meet in the hallways.

* It is mandatory to use a face mask / protection in the studio and in the common areas.

* Adults enter the hall after disinfection of shoes and hands before entering the studio and before entering the hall.

* The coach takes the children to the entrance of the studio where the disinfection and body temperature measurement is performed and they go to the hall where the disinfection is performed again before the entrance.

* In the gym, everyone has their own shelf and hanger where they leave their personal belongings and water as well as the mask, and access their marked place for exercise.

* The hours last 45 minutes, between each hour there is a 15-30 minute break for disinfection of the premises and surfaces as well as all filters for ventilation and air conditioning.

* A separate toilet is provided for each hall and it can be used by leaving the hall one by one, ie. without group breaks.

* It is mandatory to come to class with exercise equipment from home and wear clean sneakers that are dressed at the entrance and the others are put in a bag or backpack that are hung at the station for personal belongings.

* It is mandatory to bring water to training to avoid drinking and filling water in the toilets and it is placed at the station for personal affairs.

* It is mandatory to wear a face mask in the gym and in the common areas except while exercising.

* The membership fee is paid in the first week of the month on a giro account or in cash or at the reception card with the administrator with respect to the appropriate distance, places that are marked at the reception.

* Entry of parents and unemployed persons is prohibited, as well as members who do not exercise at that time in the gym and in the studio.

* In addition to these rules, we adhere to all protocols given by the CPH and the Government of RSM, which are placed in prominent places in our studio and you can read them on the official website of the Government under attachment no. 28 and Annex no. 32

Always committed to the development and success of our members.

• We expect you to sign up for:

070 / 214-561 or 071 / 470-441 ,



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